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“Julie Laurin is an extremely talented artist whose photos are evocative, stunning and brilliantly capture the essence of her subjects. Her work has great integrity and she’s a wonderfully warm and generous person to boot. So happy with her and her work.”

– Alix Sideris (Actor/Director)

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I write about various topics related to the arts, science and society.


I create stunning images for artistic and promotional purposes.

Creative Content

I work on various creative projects, including podcasts, ad campaigns and video production.


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Ten things I’ve learned from livestreaming

I'd been interested in livestreaming for a VERY long time. I was always scared of doing it though. What would I say? What would be a fun topic to explore? Who would listen? It wasn't until I became obsessed with the microscopic world that things made sense. This is...

Life during a pandemic: the value of time

Time is a notion that we still don’t quite understand. We can measure it, we can think about it, we can draw conclusions from our past and make predictions about the future. We can easily tell others how to best use their time; many make a living by doing this. We...

Life during a pandemic: a list of whimsy films

I'm a big film nut. I love movies. Especially during challenging times. And since we're all shut-in for the next little while, I thought I'd share a list of fun and whimsical films that you can watch from the comfort of your home. So, where can you stream these films?...

Life during a pandemic: why slowing down is good for everyone.

I have been mulling over what to write these past few days. I’ve been watching (and preparing for) the pandemic spread since I first learned about it in December. It’s been hard. Let me clarify, it’s not been hard living in isolation. It’s been hard watching people...

When to say goodbye to a pet

I grew up not really knowing what it's like to have anything other than a bird or a fish in the house. My parents, who both grew up on farms, didn't want us to have cats or dogs. I asked my mom once why she was never keen on it and she told me that losing them is just...

That mid-life question mark

The world isn't like it used to be. The prescribed 'get a job, get married, get a house, have kids, retire with a full pension' life that our parents had doesn't really exist anymore. Things have changed. I grew up with the mindset that if you changed jobs too often,...

Five things I learned in 2019

1) I changed my relationship with social media In January 2019, I took the entire month off from social media and doing so completely changed my relationship with it, and with the world. I reconnected with ‘real life’, I read a lot of books, I enjoyed in-person...

Why I talk to Uber drivers

I took an Uber to a local store today to buy myself a new microscope. An Eritrean man, we started talking about culture and immigration. "You speak Tigrinya, right?". A huge smile appeared on his face. "You know that?!", he said. Of course. I've known people from all...

Become what interests you

I listen to a lot of comedy podcasts.  More specifically, podcasts hosted by comedians.  I don’t watch a lot of stand-up, and in a lot of cases, I’ve never watched their specials.  But, I absolutely love their podcasts. Why? Because when comedians get...

How do scientists sleep?

I wasn’t tired last night, and with DST, we got an extra hour so I figured, what the heck, I’ll go back to my microscope.  Big mistake. See, I found some old pond water at the bottom of a Gatorade bottle and figured I’d take a look at it. Lo and behold, there was...

I want to write about science

My interests have always worked in phases.  Some have lasted longer than others, but on average, I take up one or two new interests per year and they usually last between six months to several years.  I’ve not really been able to sustain one single interest...

A new year

In January 2019, I took a month off from social media. Still trying to find my place in this new digital landscape, I decided to just explore "real life" instead. And it was refreshing. I read books again. I painted. I went outside more. I slept better. My mood...

For the love of a microscope

I bought a microscope a few weeks ago.  It has changed my world. I’ve been trying to write an article on this topic for a few nights now, but I’m struggling with it.  The truth is, I’m having a hard time describing in words what this experience has been...

Do things the wrong way

As I delve further into the microscopic world, I’m discovering some interesting parallels between playing with my microscope and playing with my camera.  I’ve always been a photographer who wanted to know as little as possible about the technical side of things...

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A Tiny World: website and podcast.

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A Silly World: website and podcast.

Interviews with interesting strangers, artists, carpenters, scientists,  teachers, inspectors, pilots and astronauts.

Remote Work Canada

A web portal for remote workers in Canada.
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