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Born in Sudbury, Ontario, Julie developed a keen interest in the arts since childhood and focused primarily on drawing and sculpting.  She picked up a camera in her mid-20’s and developed a love affair with this new tool.  Self-taught and known as “an artist with a camera” by her peers, she was mentored for a year in 2012 by a street photographer who recognized her talent.  Since then, she has produced a great deal of fine art photographic works, many of which now reside in private collections.  Julie has forged many long-lasting professional and creative relationships particularly with theatre companies, professional performers and members of the arts community.

Her vision and her technique is what sets her apart from other photographers.  She uses techniques that don’t rely on photo manipulation: every image is created mostly with household products and materials.  In a twist of irony, she uses illusions and distortions in order to show us what’s real, what’s raw, what’s hiding behind our pretends.  Her work is a study of the human condition: of what makes us love, what scares us, what makes us sad and what makes us great.