Julie Laurin


Julie Laurin is an artist based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She sometimes works with her camera, sometimes with a palette knife, sometimes with a microscope. She enjoys exploring the beautiful, the ugly, the strong, the frail and the powerful. She is fascinated by darkness, pain, sadness, joy, curiosity, and by all the things we hesitate to say to each other. She fits in and doesn’t fit in, and she’s not good at playing pretend – but she does love the imaginary. Fairy tales are fun.

Julie Laurin est une artiste franco-ontarienne, qui travaille parfois avec la camera, parfois avec le couteau, et parfois avec un microscope. Elle aime explorer le beau, le bien, le mal, le petit, le gros, la douleur, la peine, et tout ce que l’on n’ose pas dire. Bref, elle aime explorer ce qui est vrai.

My Current Projects