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There are people in this world who are more terrified to be close to others than they are of being surrounded by people who they barely know, and who barely know them. Even in love, the rapport remains shallow. I suppose there is a sort of safety in this and I’m not one to judge. But, I like to believe that we can share a large part of our world with others, and that it’s ok and that life is more beautiful that way.

Neverland” is about that. A pool is just an environment, water is just a substance, but by looking beyond these facts, I was able to see a world I hadn’t seen before.  These images are simply a reflection of the worlds within us.  Worlds where there are few pretends. And within these worlds, there are also flaws and struggles.  But without seeing the flaws, without enduring the struggles, we can’t see the other possibilities.

Neverland” is about vulnerability, imagination, curiosity, fear.  It exposes what’s within us, for better or for worse.

(Models: Beba, Clara Cloutier, Marie-Clara, Tristan Ginger, Natasha Modelo, Daina, Benjamin Maitre, Minh Ly, Gabe Laduke, Lydiane Mayo, Nina Slykhuis-Landry, Ted Strauss)