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I am heavily inspired by performance and theatre, and absolutely love creating images with performers and theatre companies whether as promotional or marketing contracts, festival photography, photographing rehearsals, set photography or artistic projects. Theatre companies and performers I’ve worked with include: Rui Cerveira (actor, Almada, Portugal), subDevision 2015 (Ottawa, ON), Victoria Grove (actress, UK), Same Day Theatre (Ottawa, ON), Sandrine Lafond (Little Lady, Montreal), Eric Davis (Red Bastard, USA), The Ottawa Stilt Union (Ottawa, ON), Vacant House Theatre (Ottawa, ON), Nathaly Charette (Fool for Love, Ottawa, ON), Deluxe Hot Sauce (Ottawa, ON), Kathi Langston (director/actress, Ottawa, ON), Léda Davies (Montreal, QC), Noémie Beauchamp (Montreal, QC), Duo Fly Away (Montreal, QC), Atelier de Théâtre Physique avec Pierre Blackburn (Montreal, QC), Margo MacDonald (Ottawa, ON), Gabrielle Lalonde (Ottawa, ON), Guy Marsan (Ottawa, ON), Élise Gauthier (Ottawa, ON), Annie Lefebvre (Ottawa, ON), BonBon Bombay (Montreal, QC).