1. Why do they always sit at the kitchen table when they have friends over for coffee?
  2. Why do they feel like wearing a suit and tie makes them more smart?
  3. Why do they think using big words makes them sound smarter?  
  4. Why do they care so much if someone leaves work early when they’re done for the day?
  5. Why do they complain about being tired all the time?
  6. Why do they get so angry about the news?
  7. Why do they pretend to like each other?
  8. Why do they do things they don’t want to do just because someone told them to do it?
  9. Why do they believe everything they read and then get angry about it?
  10. Why are they always so angry?
  11. Why do they chastise kids for not going outside more often when they don’t go outside more often?
  12. Why are they so scared to say “I don’t know”?
  13. Why are they so scared to say “I love you”?
  14. Why do they always want to boss around other people?
  15. Why don’t they laugh more often?
  16. Why does everything have to have a lesson or a reason behind it?
  17. Why don’t they just do stuff for fun?
  18. Why don’t they take more time off from work?
  19. Why are they always in a rush?
  20. Why aren’t they nicer to each other?
  21. Why do they care if someone has more money than them?
  22. Why do they know so much about politicians, celebrities and athletes but know so little about their own kids?
  23. Why do they have sex with people they don’t like?
  24. Why do they always need somewhere to go?
  25. Why do they constantly make up new rules?