Julie Laurin self-portraits

Born in Chelmsford, Ontario, Canada, Julie Laurin has had a prolific career in the arts, in tech, and in new media as a podcaster and livestreamer. Widely recognized for her ‘no photoshop’ style as a fine art photographer, Julie received international acclaim for her work with actors and performers in photographic series, largely shot in Montreal from 2013 to 2016. In 2020, Julie created a science project named “A Tiny World”, to explore the microscopic world. Later that same year, she launched a Twitch stream to share this world with the general public.

In 2021, Julie became the President and Founder of Yippee Ki Yay Inc, a digital media company that brings cool ideas to life. For technology, or content production work inquiries, please check out this page.


Julie Laurin - the artist

The Arts

Julie Laurin is an artist who sometimes works with her camera, sometimes with a palette knife, sometimes with a microscope. She enjoys exploring the beautiful, the ugly, the strong, the frail and the powerful. She is fascinated by darkness, pain, sadness, joy, curiosity, and by all the things we hesitate to say to each other. She fits in and doesn’t fit in, and she’s not good at playing pretend – but she does love the imaginary. Fairy tales are fun.

Julie Laurin est une artiste franco-ontarienne, qui travaille parfois avec la camera, parfois avec le couteau, et parfois avec un microscope. Elle aime explorer le beau, le bien, le mal, le petit, le gros, la douleur, la peine, et tout ce que l’on n’ose pas dire. Bref, elle aime explorer ce qui est vrai.

Julie Laurin - The Podcaster

Podcasting & Livestreaming

An experienced podcaster, livestreamer and interviewer, Julie has been compared to the “Bob Ross” of science. Never prepping too many questions ahead of time, Julie prefers to use her curiosity to interview guests on various topics ranging from what it’s like to work on major Hollywood pictures, to what it’s like to work with frogs as a Herpetologist. Her podcast, Planet B612, specializes in bringing the life and expertise of a wide variety of artists and scientists from around the world. She has also conducted live interviews of scientists on Twitch.

Since April 2020, Julie has also been livestreaming on Twitch, sharing live videos of the microscopic world with an international audience. This activity went viral, and she’s been featured on a variety of online sites like BoingBoing, Futurism and Laughing Squid, and was also interviewed for Radio-Canada, Ulyces, as well as in the scientific journal, Zygote Quarterly.