Neverland was shot in 2015, in Montreal.  The models were immersed in water while I shot this series from above.  This series came about after a 6-week trip to Europe, where I spent time with the Atlantic ocean for the first time.  It shook me up inside.  Neverland is a call back to my own childhood, to my youth stirring inside the body of an older adult.  How to reconcile the constraints of adulthood with the desire to be free and curious and adventurous?  How do we manage to break free from perceived ‘rules’ and live in full passion and exploration without resorting to adolescent behaviour?  And in such a wildly political landscape these days, whatever happened to the importance and beauty of imagination?  Can we no longer play for the sake of playing?  Can we no longer love for the sake of loving?  I don’t want to grow old and bitter.  Neverland, while shot in the “real world” transports us to the inner world – where our struggles lie, where, if we push through it, we can manage to feel alive again.

(Models: Clara Cloutier, Beba, Daina Ashbee, Minh Ly, Benjamin Maitre, Gabe Laduke, Lili Bergeron, Lyvie Loup, Natasha P.)